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  Air Hostess
Air Hostess Training ***************** Air hostess training is of utmost importance for employment of aspiring boys and girls as air hostesses also known as Cabin crew or Flight Attendant who are primarily on board an aircraft for the safety and welfare of the passengers and secondly for their comfort. If there were no services of food or drink during a flight, there would still have to be a minimum presence of Air hostesses or cabin crew for safety which is a legal requirement. Air hostess is the face of the airline hence they are expected to excel in customer service and always remain friendly, approachable and enthusiastic with a good sense of self presentation. The role of air hostess or cabin crew can be physically demanding and one must be prepared to be flexible to work any day of the year. Hence there is a requirement of air hostess training to face the day to day challenges. The Air hostesses are a very important element in the flying process. Air hostesses or Cabin Crew try to keep everything running smoothly on each flight, and they deal with the desperate situations that arise when things don't go according to plan. Desire and even means to fly are growing in India as the galloping economy draws in more airlines, directly creating a huge demand for trained manpower.
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